Inktober has been going pretty good so far.  Even though I’ve been pretty busy, I’ve still been keeping up with it, although sometimes I end up posting something one or two days late.  I always post on time on Instagram though.  Here are the links to where I’m posting my Inktobers, besides this blog:


This episode, which is Season 4, Episode 5 of Road to Avonlea, is kind of fun, but a little silly.  Here’s my summary of it:

A travelling wild west show comes to Avonlea.  Silly Sarah gets a crush on the lead cowboy, Zach Morgan, who is at least twenty years older than her.  She keeps pursuing him, even though she literally heard him refer to her as a “little girl” when speaking to Aunt Hetty.  She almost runs away with Zach Morgan to be part of the wild west show, but luckily Zach Morgan knew that would be stupid, and left early without her.  Sarah then had a good cry and came back to her senses.

The quote “Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.” is what Sarah says to Zach Morgan when they see each other in the general store, and he asks her if she’s going to be at the first show.

I made this in a super fancy and swirly script.  I purposely made it a bit over-the-top, to depict the ridiculousness of Sarah’s infatuation with Zach Morgan.


Description of flatlay:


  • Plaid – = western style, plus Sarah’s blue plaid dress she wore when trying to impress Zach with her horseback riding skills.




In this episode (Season 4 Episode 2 of Road to Avonlea), the school needs a new teacher because Hetty King quit teaching, in order to help OIivia out with her new baby. The school hires a former Colonel, Mr. Pettibone, who is very strict, but a good teacher. Hetty is very critical of certain authors, so Olivia encourages her to start writing. Olivia’s words were, “Those who can, do.” Hetty King then starts writing a series of stories, incognito, which become popular. Coincidentally, Mr. Pettibone is also writing books under a pseudonym. Without knowing each other’s secret identity, Hetty King and Mr. Pettibone both publically criticize each other’s work. In the end, they figure out their identities and have a good laugh. The name of Hetty King’s series is “The Lady and the Blade”.


Description of flatlay:

Samurai Sword Blade = The Lady and the Blade

Books = book-writing

Apples = Hetty and Mr. Pettibone are both teachers

Glasses + Candle = aethetics

Pen + Pencil = writing


I decided to make this hand-lettering in a graffiti style!


In this episode, Felicity gets the chance to win a scholarship at Kingsport Ladies College, due to her excellent grades. She gets to attend Kingsport Ladies college for a few days, where the administrators will choose between Felicity and three other girls.  Before leaving for Kingsport, Felicity tries to learn as many high society things as she can, but when she gets there, she finds that everyone else is way out of her league as far as high society goes.  She then makes up a story to make her life look more interesting, which she later regrets.  In the end, she decides that high society isn’t exactly her thing, and she just wants to be herself.
I used the words “Your dress. It’s smashing.” Because that’s what one of the girls said when she saw Felicity’s fashionable dress (that she borrowed from Sarah).


Description of flatlay:

Book = learning at a college

Money = most girls that attend Kingsport are wealthy

Glove = the college girls wear fancy clothing

Sheet Music = piano playing and opera is appreciated at Kingsport

Candles = aesthetics