For my new blogging schedule, I’ve decided to use Tuesday as my day to talk about random or interesting things.  The topics can be art-related, but they don’t have to be.


Today I’m going to talk about a YouTube channel called Pogo.  The channel is run by Christopher Nicholas “Nick” Bertke, a South-African electronic musician, who now resides in Australia.

Nick Bertke makes digital music, using sound clips from movies, to create the “lyrics”.  The music is kind of strange, but fun to listen to.  Sometimes you can understand the lyrics in the music because he includes full words or sentences, but sometimes the vocal clips are so short, that you’re not actually hearing words, you’re just hearing syllables put together to create a song.


Here is a fantastic Star Trek themed video, in which Nick Bertke is Captain Picard:


Here’s a pretty song comprised of clips from Disney movies:


And lastly, a Pogo music video comprised of Donald Trump clips:


Check out the Pogo Youtube channel to see more!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn-K7GIs62ENvdQe6ZZk9-w


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