This hand-lettered piece is based off the Road to Avonlea episode “Misfits & Miracles“, which is the last episode of season 2.  It’s a really fun wintery episode with a feel-good ending.



In this episode, Archie Gillis starts cutting down trees around Avonlea, where he shouldn’t be. He is also in charge of the Avonlea Avengers hockey team, but is not letting women or boys who aren’t tall enough, play on the team. Because of this, Alec King forms his own hockey team called the Misfits. Archie and Alec make a deal where their teams will play a game against each other, and if the Avengers win, Archie can cut down trees wherever he wants, and if the Misfits win, Archie can’t cut trees around Avonlea.  Peg Bowen is also a main character in this episode, in that she is against Archie cutting down trees, and she is also a great hockey player.  Another side storyline is that Aunt Janet goes into labor during the hockey game!


The words “time is of the essence” is a quote from Peg Bowen, when she is about to help Sarah with her hockey skills so that Sarah can help out the team.


Explanation of the flatlay items:


  • Axe = Archie Gillis cutting down trees.
  • Skates = Hockey
  • Branches = Cold weather
  • Hot Chocolate = Hot chocolate is in this episode.