This Road to Avonlea episode (season 2, episode 12) is one of my favorite episodes from my childhood.  For some reason I thought it was really interesting that the girls thought they were switched at birth. 


In this episode, there is a competition where daughters can enter an essay about their mothers, and someone will win.  Felicity insults Sarah and tells her that she shouldn’t enter the competition because Aunt Hetty isn’t her real mother. Sarah then decides to play a prank on Felicity, by writing a letter that says that Felicity is actually the daughter of Mrs. Potts.  Felicity is traumatized by this, but in the end, everything works out, and everyone realizes that being a birth mother isn’t all that matters in a mother-daughter relationship.


The reason I used the words “The Deepest Well” is because Sarah used those words in her essay about Aunt Hetty, describing her motherly love for Sarah.  I tried to make it look like the top of water when you look into a well.


Explanation of the flatlay items:


  • Curling Iron = Sally Potts bragging that her mom curls her hair.
  • Hair Accessories = Fun girly stuff that moms and daughters do.
  • Scarf = Only for aesthetics.
  • Letter = The prank letter Sarah wrote.


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