Dreamer of Dreams” is episode 10 of season 2 of Road to Avonlea, and it is one of my favorite episodes I relate to this episode a lot because when I was a kid, I would have done what Felicity and Sarah did, with making their own newspaper.  In fact, when I was a teenager, I did make my own newspaper for our youth group, just for fun, and it was a blast!

Here is my quick summary of this episode:

In this episode, Jasper Dale, is getting a lot of criticism for his inventions, from some narrow-minded people in Avonlea.  At the same time, Aunt Olivia, who works at the newspaper, The Avonlea Chronicle, is temporarily given the position of editor while her boss is out of town.  She will also be in charge of keeping some fundraising money in the newspaper safe, as well as presenting the money to the Avonlea School Renewal Committee in a few days. Meanwhile, Felicity and Sarah are creating their own self-help Q&A newspaper article, just for fun, called MadamX.  Things become chaotic when the money is stolen, and the kids’ MadamX article accidentally gets printed in the Avonlea Chronicle!  Jasper Dale helps save the day with one of his amazing inventions.



Explanation of the flatlay items:


  • Money = The school renewal fund.
  • Newspaper = The Avonlea Chronicle.
  • Camera = One of Jasper Dale’s inventions.

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