Sorry this is a day late, but yesterday was super busy.  I only managed to get it uploaded to Instagram, so today I uploaded to the other three social media outlets I’m using, and now I’m doing this blog post!


In this episode (Season 2 Episode 9, called “All that Glitters”), several people in Avonlea think there is buried treasure in the island, after Sarah finds a Spanish coin, and a mysterious visitor appears. Hilarity and danger ensue as the treasure-hunting expeditions lead to nighttime digs on the King farm, digging in the church cellar, and actual treasure!

The quote “Don’t just stand there, dig!” is what Rachel Lynde said to the preacher when they were in the church cellar, searching for the treasure so they could pay for the new church roof.


Explanation of the flatlay items:


  • Jewels = the actual treasure that is found by Captain Crane.
  • Bullets = the battle with the mysterious visitor.
  • Maps = the different maps that get people to digging.