The next drawing in my Geekerella (by Ashley Poston) chapter sketch series is a pretty interesting and somewhat scary one.

First of all, at the beginning of this scene, it is late at night, and Elle just finished posting a blog.  She thinks no one is awake in the house, so she quietly sneaks down the stairs and goes into the kitchen, where she hides her peanut butter jar.  I loved this part of the book so much, because Elle was having a nice, fun, quiet moment to herself, without anyone telling her what to do.  Well, unfortunately, her evil stepmother was downstairs in the kitchen, and RUINED the moment.  Her and Elle had an argument, ending in the evil stepmother literally slapping Elle!


As you can tell, I made the stepmother look like the stepmother in the original Disney Cinderella movie.


Until next time!

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