In chapter 16 of Geekerella by Ashley Poston, Darien is filming a dance scene with his co-star Jessica Stone.  By the end of the shoot, Jessica is sick of filming, walks off the set, and throws her hair extensions onto the dressing room table.  I think Jessica Stone is actually an interesting character, and the more her character develops, the more you find out about her ambitions, and she doesn’t seem as superficial as she does at the beginning of the book.



I drew Jessica Stone to look like Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.  I’m honestly not sure what her outfit is supposed to look like, because I don’t remember the book mentioning what she was wearing in this scene, so I just gave her a Star Trek style outfit.  I wonder if she was supposed to be wearing that blue dress that Elle’s mother wore as a cosplay…


Anyway, here is a picture of Princess Bubblegum, in case you didn’t know what she looks like:


Her hair is a bit different in this pic, but I actually based the front of her hair in my drawing on Princess Bubblegum’s hair from an Adventure Time comic book we have.


Do you read or watch Adventure Time?  We have two or three of the comic books, and I’ve only watched a few minutes of the show, but I think I might start watching the show if I get some free time.



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