Another Geekerella fanart of Elle!  In this scene, her step-sisters are starting to get into Starfield, and Elle informs them of some proper geek terminology.



I’m not actually sure if Elle wears glasses in this book.  She’s wearing them on the book cover, but it doesn’t mention them in the book, or at least it hasn’t yet.  I thought it’d be fun to draw glasses on her though.

By the way, I seriously need to get a new pair of glasses for myself.  I like the ones I have, but I’ve had them way too long, and I kind of want to go for a more round frame.  Either that, or a bigger frame, but my face is pretty narrow, and most normal-sized glasses look too big on me.  So, I think I might be going for small, round frames.

Here’s a pic of Mindy Park from The Martian, which inspired me to look into getting round glasses for myself:


And here is another example of round glasses.  I got this one from Pinterest.  Click on the picture to go directly to the pin.



I hate glasses shopping because it’s so hard for me to find frames that don’t look too big on me.  One time I even got a pair of frames from the kids’ section because they fit me good, plus I liked them.  I hope to get a new pair in the next few weeks.


Until next time!

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