Character Design


With my new blogging schedule, I decided to make Friday the day that I show you what I’ve been working on during the week, and let you know about any random things that are going on in my life.


Here are the sketches I’ve done this week:

Ren from the short anime Shelter.


Random sketch of a male face.  I used a reference sketch I found on Pinterest.

I really need to work on drawing men’s faces, because normally I draw them too feminine or young-looking.


Random female face drawing.



I’m thinking of doing a weekly vlog where I go over what went on this week. Basically, it would be an overview of what I blog about during the week.  I think it might be kind of fun, but we’ll see what I have time for.


With my new blogging schedule, I’ll be taking the weekend off, so I will see you again on Monday!  Have a great weekend, everyone!



I have finally started the new phase of my art journey, where I focus on character design and drawing people!  I am super excited about this, because drawing people is what really got me back into art around a decade ago, and I think it’s what I will be the most happy working on.

Here are three sketches I made this week:


A sketch of a girl in a touque.  I used a reference photo from


My first sketch of Mercy from Overwatch!  The reference photo I used is a pretty common image of her. Mercy’s real name is Angela Ziegler, hence the blog post title.


Since the Olympics are currently on, I decided to draw an Olympian.  This is the American snowboarder, Shaun White.  I used a reference photo from a BBC article about him.


I’ll probably stick to drawing Olympians for now, because it’s a good opportunity to draw people in uncommon positions.


That is for now!  More sketches coming soon!


I recently drew a character design of Elle from Geekerella by Ashley Poston. In the book, Elle is wearing her mother’s beautiful Princess Amara dress, as well as her dad’s captain’s jacket, which her friend, Sage, altered for her. This is my original inking of it, with my own flat lay:

I used the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen XS and the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen M to ink this image.

Below is the final product after I edited it in Gimp.  The background / hands picture is an image by RawPixel that I got on Unsplash ( Link here: ), which I photoshopped my drawing onto, in order to have a nice presentation for the art piece.


I’m thinking of possibly doing a series of characters in a kind of edgy style, so check back for updates on that!


Until next time!



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