The 14th chapter of the book Geekerella includes several issues that Darien Freeman encounters on the set while filming Starfield.  One of the issues is that he’s not very confident in doing his own stunts, especially the stunt where he has to jump out of a window, strapped into a harness with a big rope thingy to ensure he doesn’t die.


I intentionally made this comic quite silly. 🙂



Here’s a video of some behind-the-scenes shots of the movie Captain America: Civil War, and a lot of this reminds me of things that happen to Darien in this book!


Until next time!


Here is the next comic in my Geekerella comic-style series:



In this chapter, Elle goes to visit her parents’ graves the day after finding their cosplay outfits in the attic.  She brings along daffodils, and her neighbor’s dog, Frank.  Frank is a cute character, and I have a feeling he will have an important role in what happens later in the book.

Frank is a Dachshund, so to brighten your day, here are three cute Dachshund pics I found on Google images.  Click on them to visit the sites they come from:


In the book Geekerella, Darien’s co-actor is Jessica Stone.  She plays Carmindor’s (Darien’s character’s) love interest, but in real life, she’s really not into Starfield.  In chapter 12, she complains about having to wear uncomfortable high heels, while the men get to wear comfy pants.



I made her outfit look similar to Uhura’s outfit in the new Star Trek movies…



…but I made it blue, because Carmindor’s outfit is blue, and I’m guessing they both have the same color.  I don’t know what the Federation symbol would look like, so I gave her a Star Trek style communicator.


I love Star Trek, btw.  I wish I had a Star Trek outfit.


Until next time!


So, I’ve been thinking, I need to work on drawing people with more interesting expressions and unique faces in order to make the character look like a real person. The character Lonny, who I drew in my last post, is a bit plain in the face, in my opinion.  So, I decided to use other people’s drawings as references, as a method of learning.

The character I drew using a reference face, is Sage from Geekerella by Ashley Poston.  Sage works with Elle at the organic food truck.  She has green hair, a lip ring, purple eye shadow, and has a bit of an attitude.

I gave Sage a pumpkin necklace even though the book doesn’t mention it, because she works at The Magic Pumpkin.

Below is the reference photo I used.  The artist is Cameron Mark, and you can find his Instagram account by clicking here.  I highly recommend you check his art out.  I really love his character design style.  His characters always have such interesting expressions and personalities.


Sketch by Cameron Mark.


Cameron Mark = GOALS


EDIT: I just posted this blog, and then started doodling with the Cameron Mark reference sketch I used, and I colored it, and it looks pretty cool, so here it is:






My drawing from chapter 10 of Geekerella by Ashley Poston.

This is my depiction of the body guard named Lonny that Darien’s dad hired for him.  I drew this really late at night, and really wanted to get it done that day, so honestly, I don’t think this drawing is the greatest.  His face seems a little plain, almost like One Punch Man’s face when he’s not fighting, but not quite as bad.



I actually think Lonny’s race is supposed to be black, but it never specified in the book (not that is has to, because if it doesn’t specify, then you can just decide yourself what race you think a character would be, not that skin color defines a person), and then later I noticed that his character is on the back of the book, and I’m pretty sure he’s black:

Lonny is the guy in the black t-shirt in this picture.


Anyway, about the tattoo…the book says it’s a tribal tattoo, and I think I did an okay job of it, but because of the placement, etc, I think from a distance the tattoo looks like hair, which kind of looks weird in my drawing.


It’s gonna be interesting to see what else happens with Lonny in this book!




This is a drawing of the attic in Elle’s house from the book Geekerella by Ashley Poston.

One stormy night, Elle’s evil stepmother sends her to the attic to patch a hole because rain is coming through the roof.  Elle had previously thought that her stepmother threw away all her dad’s old stuff, but while up in the attic, Elle notices a treasure chest containing her parents’ cosplay outfits!  



When I drew this, I was going for a feeling more than what really happens in the scene.  This is how it felt when she opened the chest.  It was like Link about to open a treasure chest in one of the Zelda games.  So, really, there weren’t actual beams shining forth, and there wasn’t any dramatic music playing, but what she found in the treasure chest was magical.


I would just like to say that I’m slightly freaking out right now, because Ashley Poston, the author of Geekerella, made a post about my alternate channel, ChapterSketches, on her Instagram channel @_ashposton !!!  #soexcited #isthisreal

Now, onto the rest of this post…

In the book Geekerella, the perspective switches each chapter, between Elle and Darien, the two main characters.  Elle is the “Cinderella” of the book, and Darien is the “Prince”.  I really love both of these perspectives.  I enjoy Elle chapters because when I’m reading them, I can put myself in her shoes. I’m always excited to see what crazy things are going to happen with her evil step-mother and step-sisters, as well as her job at The Magic Pumpkin food truck.  Darien’s perspective is awesome too, because of his great sense of humor, and I love the fact that his secret is that he’s really a big nerd.

Here are three more of my recent chapter drawings for Geekerella:


This drawing depicts the scene where Darien is trying to find an Orange Crush somewhere in the hotel, from one of the vending machines.  Unfortunately he can’t find one, so he settles for a sparkling water.  He says that Orange Crush is his only kryptonite, and that he doesn’t care if he’s on a diet, he’ll drink it anyway.  It was fun drawing this one, and I got well acquainted with the Orange Crush logo.



For this chapter, I drew Elle texting with Darien while laying on her bed, and neither of them knows who the other is.  I tried to emulate the character design of Starfire from Teen Titans Go.  Copying a specific comic or cartoon character can be very interesting, because you have to break the character’s features down, and you notice things you didn’t before. For example, Starfire’s hands are huge compared to her arms.  Her upper arms start off super skinny, and slowly get bigger until they reach her hands.



This drawing depicts the scene where Darien tells his dad he wants to go to Excelsicon, but only if he can help judge the cosplay contest. The reason Darien wants to do this is because he was inspired by a text he got from Elle.  I made this comic in Calvin & Hobbes style.  It’s not easy drawing Calvin’s profile.  If you’re not careful, he can end up looking like a mutated Pacman.


Until next time!



Since my last post, I’ve made several more “comics” as I’m reading through Geekerella by Ashley Poston.  I make the drawings based on something that happens in a chapter, or even an item that I thought was interesting in the book.  I don’t want to give too many spoilers, so below each comic, I’ll just give a little insight into the scene.

Here they are in chronological order:

The cool thing about Darien Freeman is that everyone thinks he’s just a popular young actor, but he’s actually a nerd, and he’s super excited to be acting in the reboot of Starfield.


Starfield is a big deal to Elle, and she believes that Darien just took the acting role for the money.


Gail is Darien’s assistant, and she feels bad when things don’t go quite right.  She’s really cool, and is always looking out for Darien.


Elle is having some issues at home (obviously – she’s Cinderella), and takes a look in her secret drawer where she is hiding her stash of cash for when she decides to move out.  There are also Hershey’s Kisses in the drawer.


This is my progress so far in my drawings of this book.  I make two every week, so I’ll try to post them both once a week.  Let me know what you think!



I made a second comic for chapter 01 of Geekerella, because I thought it would be fun to draw what the three sisters have for breakfast the first morning of the book.  Danielle (Cinderella) is forced to make kale smoothies for her annoying stepsisters, and after they leave she gets out her jar of peanut butter that she’s been hiding, and has some peanut butter for breakfast.  It’s funny, because sometimes I like to have a big spoon of peanut butter and a coffee for breakfast, and eat that while I’m working on my computer.


That’s it for now!  It’s really late, and I have to get up early tomorrow, so this blog post has to be super short!  Until next time!