I’m currently doing the final edits on my ginger essential oil image bundle, which I will be uploading to Etsy.  Unfortunately, the watercolor paper quality of the ginger oil art is worse than the watercolor paper quality of the lemon essential oil art, because I accidentally used a courser texture of paper for the ginger and peppermint drawings I made.  I’ll still finish them with the course watercolor paper, but after this, I’ll stick to the better quality paper for this series.


Also, something expired with my website, and I have to reset something with the http or something, so currently I can’t add any new pics to my blog, but I’m going to try to have this resolved this weekend.





I got the Halloween costumes done!  Now I’m focusing on finishing Inktober, and then I’m probably going to be continuing my essential oil bundle series, as well as start working on something I really love – CHARACTER DESIGN!  I really want to continue working on drawing and painting people, as well as get better at anatomy.  So, coming up, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of character works-in-progress, plus essential oil series posts.


Also, I realize I haven’t done any “Artist Spotlight” or “Resource” posts in a quite a while, so I’ll try to get a few of those in soon.


I have been SO busy making Halloween costumes in my spare time lately, but I’m still managing to do Inktober (although putting in less time than normal.)  Unfortunately I have to cut back on time, so for now I’ll only be posting the Inktobers on my Instagram page.  I’ll be posting them here on the blog though, as soon as things slow down here.

Here’s a link to my Instagram account:


Until next time!