I realized I hadn’t blogged about a little sketch I made a while ago.  It’s nothing big, but I decided to draw the character Emika Chen from the book Warcross by Marie Lu.  Warcross is an interesting book about virtual reality, where the technology becomes too invasive.  I won’t give anymore spoilers!



I haven’t talked about it on this blog yet, but I am SUPER interested in getting into virtual reality, and have been for quite a while.



One thing that really sparked my interest in VR was when I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline a few months ago.  Since then, I’ve started reading Warcross by Marie Lu, which is also a novel about virtual reality.  There is a movie coming out this year for Ready Player One, which I also want to see.




Anyway, we were debating getting the HTC Vive virtual reality system this Christmas, but since we heard that they are coming out with a wireless headset this year, we decided to wait on it. #sadface  Today I looked up news on the HTC Vive, and apparently they have unveiled the wireless Vive headset!  Besides the fact that it’s wireless, it also has improved resolution, and an integrated audio system.  It’s not actually for sale yet, so we don’t know when it will come out, or what the price will be, but I am SO excited for it!



One thing I want to start looking into, is making digital 3D models.  I haven’t done much research yet, but apparently Adobe has a program called Dimension, which allows you to make 3D stuff.  Also, I heard about a program called 123D, but again, I haven’t done any research.  If I start making any 3D stuff, I’ll definitely post it here.  I think it would be amazing to make a small world or game in VR.


I think VR is the future of everything, and I am so excited to be in this period of time where it’s happening!