My brother designed an space-themed app called Raketa, which I created the graphics for.  It is being released on the App Store on December 13, but you can pre-order it at the following link, and you will be notified when it launches.


P.S. It’s super fun and, in my opinion, therapeutic.

By the way, less than two weeks till Christmas!  I really need to bake some Christmas cookies, ASAP.


One of my recent sketches was of Soldier 76 from Overwatch.  I mostly drew him because he looks cool and I like his hair,  I don’t really play him on Overwatch (although I haven’t played at all in quite a while), but I think I may have played him during a special event.



I used a reference image from the Overwatch Wiki, so I didn’t actually design this myself, I pretty much tried to make it look as much like the reference image as possible.  I plan on using reference photos to help me with my sketches, but I also need to practice drawing people / faces / poses out of my head.


Until next time!