I have finally completed and uploaded the LAST part of my Essential Oil Digital Image Set, and this one is Melaleuca!  I really love Melaleuca because I grew up with it in our house, because my parents loved it, and also worked with the company Melaleuca.   The smell of melaleuca oil is really nostalgic to me.  I wish I had every Melaleuca product right now. 🙂

Some of the images in this set are based off Melaleuca products, such as the “gold bar” soap, and the “melagel” first aid ointment.

Click here to see my Melaleuca Digital Image set in my Etsy shop!


Since I completed my essential oil image series, I will be moving on to improving my human anatomy drawing skills, and working on character design.  I’ll probably also work on backgrounds, and maybe do some hand-lettering projects.  I’ll be posting sketches, even though I’m technically learning, but I think it’ll be fun to watch my progress. 🙂


Have a great day, and check back again soon for updates!



Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fun weekend!  I had a nice, relaxing weekend with my family, and I was able to complete my latest project!



Just uploaded my “Lavender Essential Oil Image Bundle” to my Etsy shop!  I plan on making two more in this series, and I’ll try to have then completed by the end of the month.  Feel free to check my Instagram account to see my progress on them.


Starting in February, I plan on getting totally back into my favorite thing to do in art – drawing people!  Also, I want to try to make more completed art pieces with backgrounds, etc.