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Finally got my Doomfist sketch completed!  I thought it’d be fun to draw another Overwatch character, and my son currently loves playing Doomfist, so that’s why I drew him.

I based this drawing off a fairly common Doomfist pose. Also, I added in the skin tone digitally afterwards, because I find that darker skin tones are hard to make nice and even using pencil.


Here’s how it looked before adding in the skin tone digitally.


Not sure what my next sketch will be, but I’m going to be crazy busy the next week and a half, but I hope to at least have one more sketch up this month.

By the way, Overwatch has a special anniversary event going on right now.  It lets you play special events that you can’t normally play any time of the year.  A couple days ago we played the Halloween Junkenstein one, which is so fun!  Yesterday it was Mei’s snowball thing, which we didn’t bother with.  Maybe today there’ll be something good.


Until next time!  Keep practicing!



I recently drew a character design of Elle from Geekerella by Ashley Poston. In the book, Elle is wearing her mother’s beautiful Princess Amara dress, as well as her dad’s captain’s jacket, which her friend, Sage, altered for her. This is my original inking of it, with my own flat lay:

I used the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen XS and the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen M to ink this image.

Below is the final product after I edited it in Gimp.  The background / hands picture is an image by RawPixel that I got on Unsplash ( Link here: ), which I photoshopped my drawing onto, in order to have a nice presentation for the art piece.


I’m thinking of possibly doing a series of characters in a kind of edgy style, so check back for updates on that!


Until next time!



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