Apparently in this episode (Season 4, Episode 10), Felicity is having second thoughts about Gus, because she gets a major crush on Arthur Pettibone (Mr. Pettibone’s son), who is a veterinarian. She is attracted to him because of all the things he knows, and how he is more refined than Gus.  At one point, she told Gus that Arthur told her about “unicorns that live underwater”, (which are obviously narwhals, but maybe they didn’t have a name for them at that point.)  Anyway, in the end, Felicity has to make a decision about the two boys, and she decides to stick with Gus.  Felicity and Gus fit so good together, so I’m glad it worked out!  

Here is my dog, Gimli, pictured with today’s Inktober!


Description of flatlay:


  • My Dog = Arthur Pettibone is a veterinarian


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