I decided to start a new essential oil art series!  Basically, I want to make a mini illustration set for each essential oil, made up of a few different elements relating to each oil.  Today I was working on the lemon essential oil set.   I drew them in ink (they’re not all pictured here), and I will be painting them with watercolor.  I’m really excited about the watercolor, because it’s the funnest part!


The candle you see above is “Marshmallow Fireside” by Bath & Body Works, which is one of my current favorites.  One of my other favorites is “Pumpkin French Toast” which, unfortunately, has been discontinued, but I will see what I can do about it.  Another Bath & Body Works candle I love is “Winter”.

The drink you see pictured is black tea mixed with a ginger pear tea.

I’ll be posting the completed lemon essential oil set when I finish it!


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