I’m a big fan of cooking competitions, especially MasterChef.  My favorite episodes are where they cook in the kitchen, and my favorite challenges are the “mystery boxes”.  I was inspired to do a drawing of the finalists from season 7, back in September 2016.  This is the drawing I made before the finale:


The finalists were Shaun O’Neale, Brandi Mudd, and David Williams.  Shaun (on the left) was the winner of the competition.  I was okay with any of them winning, because they were all great.


The cool thing is, I tagged all three of them on Instagram, and they ALL responded to my picture!  Here are their comments, in the red square:



My favorite MasterChef winner ever, is Luca Manfè.  I like that he has a nice personality, and he’s not obnoxious or loud.  I thought he did such a good job in the finale, especially with his tomato-based dessert, which was super creative!

Luca Manfè winner of MasterChef Season 4.


MasterChef Junior season 5  is currently running.  I’ve seen a few episodes, but I need to catch up on them.  My kids love MasterChef Junior, and usually get inspired to cook something after watching an episode.


So, what are you making for dinner tonight?

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