I have been so busy today, that I didn’t actually start this blog till after 10:00pm, so I don’t really have time to draw something for this Reddit Wednesday.  Instead, I will just give you the link!


The Reddit post (I lost the Reddit link again) was a link to a 6.5 minute YouTube video by Casually Explained, summarizing men’s fashion.  It is quite interesting and entertaining.




I’ve decided to call my Tuesday blog posts, “Random Tuesday Talk”, because on Tuesdays I’m going to be talking about random things that interest me.


Today I’m going to be talking about an alternative to geocaching, called Munzee, which I have been loving lately! Munzee is an app you download, which allows you to see the world map, deploy Munzees, and capture Munzees. 


What is a Munzee, you ask?  A Munzee is a point on the map that someone has placed, for you to capture.  Munzees can be physical or virtual.  Physical Munzees have a literal QR code at the destination, which you use your phone to scan and get Munzee points.  Virtual Munzees are only virtual, and there is nothing physical to scan, but your app allows you to capture it within 300 feet of the actual location.  You can also place / deploy Munzees for other people to capture, which gives you points as well.


This is what the Munzee QR codes look like.  Some of them have variations in color, size, etc.



This is an example of how a Munzee might look.  You use your phone to scan the QR code!


Players are ranked by how good they are doing in their Munzee journey, based on points, etc.  My current rank is 21,736th place in the world.  There are over 300,000 Munzee players worldwide.


It will take a while to learn everything about Munzee, and I haven’t even learned everything yet either.  There are games within Munzee that I don’t know about, and I haven’t deployed any virtual Munzees, only physical.


Here is the link to the Munzee website, which will give you much more information:


To get the app, just search for Munzee in your app downloader.


I hope you get the chance to try out Munzee!




I discovered Lindsay Rapp on Instagram a few months ago.  She makes amazing paintings that are water-themed.  Some of them include people or animals, and some are just beautiful water or waves.

Lindsay’s talent was originally discovered when she was four year old, when her art was published in calendars and she even had a television interview.  After spending much of her youth at the beach and later going to art school, Lindsay Rapp’s art is popular on social media, and she even has an art gallery located in Philadelphia, PAClick here to get more info on her gallery.




Here is a pretty amazing painting by Lindsay, called Mer Mind:

Click here or the photo to see this painting in Lindsay Rapp’s online shop, where you can order a print.


I like how Lindsay mixes people with her water theme.  This painting is called Eugenia.  Click here or the photo to see it in Lindsay’s online print shop.


I love how much color is in this octopus painting.  This painting is called Octopus Detail


Here are some of Lindsay Rapp’s social media sites:















Side note: Last year, Lindsay Rapp commented on one of my Instagram posts.  I was so surprised!  If you want to check it out, it’s one of my lemon essential oil instagram posts.


I hope you enjoyed today’s Artist Spotlight.  Check back next Monday for another one!