Hey everyone, sorry I missed around two weeks of blogging!  I was so busy getting ready for a trip to see my sister, and this last week I was visiting her.  The regular blogging schedule restarts on Monday!


Happy Easter!



Even though it’s already Saturday, here is my Friday Progress blog post!


This week I finished a pop art project for my niece, for her birthday.



I used a picture of her, and digitally drew on the color blocking, etc.  It was really fun to make, and I hope to do more pop art in the future.


Next week I plan on doing a lot more sketching, focusing on anatomy, probably using some tutorials by BrushBoost.


See you on Monday!





This is technically Thursday’s blog, but I was busy making icons and handling life, so I missed it.  On Thursdays, I want to show you tutorials / tips / resources that can help you with your art career.



So, today,  will be giving you a really easy tip!  The store Hobby Lobby has a 40% coupon they provide each week.  You can only use it for one item per shopping trip.  It only works on regular-priced items, which is fine, because so many things are on sale all the time anyway.


Here’s a link to their weekly ad, and you can print the 40% off coupon, or just show it to the cashier at the register.  https://www.hobbylobby.com/find-savings/weekly-ad


Happy Shopping!