I have finally started the new phase of my art journey, where I focus on character design and drawing people!  I am super excited about this, because drawing people is what really got me back into art around a decade ago, and I think it’s what I will be the most happy working on.

Here are three sketches I made this week:


A sketch of a girl in a touque.  I used a reference photo from


My first sketch of Mercy from Overwatch!  The reference photo I used is a pretty common image of her. Mercy’s real name is Angela Ziegler, hence the blog post title.


Since the Olympics are currently on, I decided to draw an Olympian.  This is the American snowboarder, Shaun White.  I used a reference photo from a BBC article about him.


I’ll probably stick to drawing Olympians for now, because it’s a good opportunity to draw people in uncommon positions.


That is for now!  More sketches coming soon!


Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since I posted!  I actually wanted to start back with anatomy practice a week ago, but unfortunately I let other things get in the way.  I plan on doing some kind of drawing practice today though.


My husband discovered a program called Spine 2D recently.  It is an animation program that helps give 2D drawings a 3D look as well as movement.  It’s actually pretty cool, and I was quite impressed with it.  One of the games that uses Spine 2D for the characters is Darkest Dungeon.  You can use this program for any style of art though.  In one of their tutorials they even suggested using it for an opening page for an app, which I thought was pretty awesome.



I’ll be posting my progress with Spine 2D on here, so check back soon to see how it’s going.


Until next time!



Sorry I haven’t posted in a week or more! This last week was a little crazy with dentist appointments, etc, and this coming week will be a little busier than usual, plus I’m trying to get some purging done around the house, but I plan on officially getting back into art next Monday, which is February 12.



I recently found out about a new app called Munzee. It’s kind of like geocaching, but you don’t leave actual treasures, you scan little bar codes that you find. There are also virtual Munzees, which you can collect if you drive close enough to the location. The virtual part of it reminds me of Pokemon Go. I’ve been using Munzee for a few days now, collecting virtual Munzees, but two days ago I got my first physical (barcode) Munzee! It was so cool. I’ll probably do a blog post about Munzee soon.

Well, gotta go get stuff done! Until next time!