I’ve been quite busy lately, making Halloween costumes, so I haven’t had a lot of extra time for Inktober. Because of this, some of my upcoming Inktobers might not be the greatest quality, but I’ll still try to get one posted each day.

Here is my summary for this episode, which is Season 4, Episode 7 of Road to Avonlea:

In this episode, Felicity and Gus’ relationship seems to be getting a little more serious.  Felicity is also annoyed that she never gets any privacy.  So, when her parents announce that they will be going to the White Sands Hotel for dinner, she quickly makes plans for all the children to be out of the house.  On top of that, she invites Gus over for dinner, with him thinking everyone else will be there.  They end up eating dinner alone together at Felicity’s house, but her parents come home early, and she gets in big trouble.  In the end, Gus decides they should never do anything behind anyone’s back, and asks Felicity’s dad if they can officially date, and Alec says yes.


Description of flatlay:


  • Plate and Utensils = The Dinner


If you have any ideas of styles or fonts you would like me to try hand-lettering, let me know in the comments!



This episode is Season 4, Episode 6 of Road to Avonlea. Here is a quick episode summary I wrote:

A barn fire prompts the village of Avonlea to start their own volunteer fire department. Good times and struggles are had by all as they struggle to train the volunteer fireman, improve the fire department with makeshift and donated items, and quench burning pot roasts.

I used the words “The man for the job” because that phrase was used at least three times in this episode.  This hand-lettering was pretty fun, especially since it involves negative space.

Description of flatlay:

Candles = fire
Matches = fire hazards


Do you have any ideas for future art challenges?  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks, guys!



Inktober has been going pretty good so far.  Even though I’ve been pretty busy, I’ve still been keeping up with it, although sometimes I end up posting something one or two days late.  I always post on time on Instagram though.  Here are the links to where I’m posting my Inktobers, besides this blog:


This episode, which is Season 4, Episode 5 of Road to Avonlea, is kind of fun, but a little silly.  Here’s my summary of it:

A travelling wild west show comes to Avonlea.  Silly Sarah gets a crush on the lead cowboy, Zach Morgan, who is at least twenty years older than her.  She keeps pursuing him, even though she literally heard him refer to her as a “little girl” when speaking to Aunt Hetty.  She almost runs away with Zach Morgan to be part of the wild west show, but luckily Zach Morgan knew that would be stupid, and left early without her.  Sarah then had a good cry and came back to her senses.

The quote “Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.” is what Sarah says to Zach Morgan when they see each other in the general store, and he asks her if she’s going to be at the first show.

I made this in a super fancy and swirly script.  I purposely made it a bit over-the-top, to depict the ridiculousness of Sarah’s infatuation with Zach Morgan.


Description of flatlay:


  • Plaid – = western style, plus Sarah’s blue plaid dress she wore when trying to impress Zach with her horseback riding skills.