Inktober starts in two days!  I am SO excited about it!  This is my first year doing Inktober, and I have chosen my own theme, instead of using the official Inktober prompt list.  I’ve decided to use one of my favorite shows as the theme, and that show is Road to Avonlea.



Basically, each day in October, I will be posting a hand-lettering of a quote or some kind of wording from a specific episode.  I’m going to photograph it as a flat lay, and the items in the flat lay will represent things that happen in the episode.  I’ve already selected the episodes I’ll be using.  The list includes all my favorite episodes, plus a few that I’ve become reacquainted with, and have a newfound love for.


My Inktober 2017 Road to Avonlea Episode Prompt List:

1) Quarantine

2) Proof of the Pudding

3) Aunt Abigail’s Beau

4) Felicity’s Challenge

5) The Blue Chest of Arabella King

6) How Kissing Was Discovered

7) May the Best Man Win

8) All That Glitters

9) Dreamer of Dreams

10) A Mother’s Love

11) Misfits & Miracles

12) Aunt Janet Rebels

13) A Dark and Stormy Night

14) Vows of Silence

15) High Society

16) Lady and the Blade

17) Moving On

18) Boys Will Be Boys

19) The Dinner

20) Felicity’s Perfect Beau

21) Modern Times

22) Someone to Believe In

23) Otherwise Engaged

24) Enter Prince Charming

25) Lonely Hearts

26) Fools & Kings

27) Comings & Goings

28) A Fox Tale

29) Love May Be Blind, But the Neighbors Ain’t

30) Total Eclipse

31) So Dear To My Heart


See you in October!


I uploaded my Lemon Essential Oil image bundle to Etsy!  Click here to see it on my Etsy shop.


I plan on making this a series of at least 12 different essential oils.  It’s a lot of fun making these image sets, because of all the related items that are associated with the specific essential oils. Also, I really love watercolor paint.

While I was painting this, I was watching Miracle on 34th Street.  I allowed myself to watch it, even though it’s only September, because the beginning of the movie actually takes place during Thanksgiving. 😀



By the way, I’m doing Inktober this year for the first time, and I’ve started getting my Inktober drawings planned out.  My Inktober theme for this year is Road to Avonlea, one of my favorite shows as a kid, and as an adult!  Basically, each drawing will be a quote or some type of wording from each episode.  I’m gonna post them as flatlays, and the flatlays will be comprised of items that relate to events that happened during that episode.  I already finished one, and I’m super excited about it!

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Until next time!




I decided to start a new essential oil art series!  Basically, I want to make a mini illustration set for each essential oil, made up of a few different elements relating to each oil.  Today I was working on the lemon essential oil set.   I drew them in ink (they’re not all pictured here), and I will be painting them with watercolor.  I’m really excited about the watercolor, because it’s the funnest part!


The candle you see above is “Marshmallow Fireside” by Bath & Body Works, which is one of my current favorites.  One of my other favorites is “Pumpkin French Toast” which, unfortunately, has been discontinued, but I will see what I can do about it.  Another Bath & Body Works candle I love is “Winter”.

The drink you see pictured is black tea mixed with a ginger pear tea.

I’ll be posting the completed lemon essential oil set when I finish it!