I love making flat lays for Instagram, but they can be a little time-consuming, so lately I’ve just been posting my artwork with no flat lay.  Then I was looking at my Instagram account, and I realized it looks so much better when the artwork is pictured with other items, even if it’s on a frame hanging on a wall.  So, I did a little research and discovered a free photograph website called Unsplash, where you can download and use the images for free.  I recommend that if you do use some of these photos, you credit the original photographer.

Click here to check out the awesomeness that is Unsplash.

Below is my first Instagram post using an Unsplash photograph:



And here is the original photograph from Unsplash:

Original photograph is by Freddy Castro.


Basically all I did was crop the original image and add my sketch onto the piece of white paper.

Below are Freddy Castro’s social media links:




Have a great day, everyone!




This week’s Artist Spotlight is Cameron Mark.  Cameron Mark is a character artist and illustrator who I discovered on Instagram.  He is the character design lead at Bitmoji/Bitstrips in Toronto, ON, Canada.


I love his art because he always has the proportions right, and he is excellent at drawing expressions.

This one is great:

Sketch by Mark Cameron.


Here’s a really good side profile sketch. I like that it’s somewhat cartoony, but quite realistic.

Sketch by Mark Cameron.


And finally, here is a really cute drawing of Padme from Star Wars!

Sketch by Mark Cameron.


Mark Cameron


To check out his artwork, visit the following sites:







I plan on doing Artist Spotlights on Mondays, so check back next week for another one!


So, I finally opened a Behance account and uploaded some content to it!  Behance is a website for artists to showcase their art, interact with other artists, and find jobs.



I like the layout of Behance.  You don’t just upload individual images, you categorize them into projects.  This makes it more fun, and a lot more organized.  So far I only have two projects, but I’ll be creating more as I keep uploading.  My two projects as of today are my Geekerella compilation of comic-style drawings, and my illustrations for a children’s book competition I almost won a few years ago.


I added a Behance button on the side bar under “social media” if you want to check it out.  So, try out that icon, or click here to visit my Behance portfolio.  I’ll try to keep it up to date, so check back often!