Happy National Talk In An Elevator Day! Today I’m going to be combining a social media tip with this special day of the year.  Before I do that, I would like to tell you a little bit about National Talk In An Elevator Day.  It is meant to encourage people to ignore their phones and use the elevator as an opportunity to meet new people.

The artist tip I’ll be talking about today is a website called Canva. This site is an awesome place to design images for any social media, blog, or presentation. There are tons of preset images that you can customize to your individual needs, or you can use their images and fonts to create something completely unique.

First of all, here are a couple preset presentation images I customized to advertise for National Talk In An Elevator Day:

The above statistics are based on a small group of people I literally interviewed.  🙂


Canva also has some more modern-looking social media posts for Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Here is an example:

And lastly, here are a few ideas for things to talk to people about in the elevator:

  • ask if they’ve heard about National Talk In An Elevator Day.
  • ask if they know about a certain movie you’ve seen recently, or want to see.
  • ask if they’ve tried the latest Starbucks drink.
  • compliment an article of clothing or accessory they have on.


Things not to talk about in the elevator:

  • personal experiences of being stuck in an elevator
  • politics


Make sure you check out Canva at .

Have a great day, everyone!



Today’s Artist Spotlight is all about Fran Meneses.  I originally discovered Fran on YouTube.  Her nickname is “Frannerd”, and she lives in the UK, but has previously lived in other locations including Germany and Chile.


I love her art style.  She does a lot of character design, and her style is really cute.  She uses watercolor in pastel colors as well as darker contrasting colors, in a unique style that exudes happiness.

(This drawing depicts exactly how I feel sometimes!)


This is Fran Meneses!


Originally, Fran was really into manga, but eventually took her art teacher’s advice and focused on creating her own art style.  I really love what her art style has turned into.


Fran’s YouTube channel is a wonderful place. A lot of her videos are vlog style, packed with tons of helpful information.  She has some great videos about motivation, organization, planning, business, and art tips. She is also very inspirational to growing artists who might need that bit of encouragement to keep going.



Here are some links to Frannerd’s social media and shops:
















Check out Frannerd’s stuff, everyone, and have a great day!



If you’re a contributor to DeviantArt, you probably know about the Llama Badges.   Llama Badges are a fun way to encourage artists to appreciate each other in a way other than leaving a comment.

 <—- Llama Badge, enlarged to show pixels. 🙂

The more Llama Badges you get, the higher rank of Llama you become.  I recently became level 2, which is “Super Llama . I was so excited when I leveled up – I now have a cape!


Here is a quick explanation for how the levels work:

1 Llama Badge –  (Llama)
10 Llama Badges –  (Super Llama)
50 Llama Badges –  (Albino Llama)
100 Llama Badges –  (Super Albino Llama)
500 Llama Badges –  (Ninja Llama)
1,000 Llama Badges –  (Fancy Llama)
2,500 Llama Badges –  (King Llama)
5,000 Llama Badges –  (Spartan Llama)
7,500 Llama Badges –  (Wizard Llama)
10,000 Llama Badges –  (Golden Llama)
25,000 Llama Badges –  (Runaway Llama)


Here is a screenshot of my DeviantArt gallery so you can see my Super Llama badge in the top right:


I think the Llama Badge aspect of DeviantArt is really fun, and I’m looking forward to climbing the Llama ranks!  😉