In the book Geekerella, Darien’s co-actor is Jessica Stone.  She plays Carmindor’s (Darien’s character’s) love interest, but in real life, she’s really not into Starfield.  In chapter 12, she complains about having to wear uncomfortable high heels, while the men get to wear comfy pants.



I made her outfit look similar to Uhura’s outfit in the new Star Trek movies…



…but I made it blue, because Carmindor’s outfit is blue, and I’m guessing they both have the same color.  I don’t know what the Federation symbol would look like, so I gave her a Star Trek style communicator.


I love Star Trek, btw.  I wish I had a Star Trek outfit.


Until next time!


So, I’ve been thinking, I need to work on drawing people with more interesting expressions and unique faces in order to make the character look like a real person. The character Lonny, who I drew in my last post, is a bit plain in the face, in my opinion.  So, I decided to use other people’s drawings as references, as a method of learning.

The character I drew using a reference face, is Sage from Geekerella by Ashley Poston.  Sage works with Elle at the organic food truck.  She has green hair, a lip ring, purple eye shadow, and has a bit of an attitude.

I gave Sage a pumpkin necklace even though the book doesn’t mention it, because she works at The Magic Pumpkin.

Below is the reference photo I used.  The artist is Cameron Mark, and you can find his Instagram account by clicking here.  I highly recommend you check his art out.  I really love his character design style.  His characters always have such interesting expressions and personalities.


Sketch by Cameron Mark.


Cameron Mark = GOALS


EDIT: I just posted this blog, and then started doodling with the Cameron Mark reference sketch I used, and I colored it, and it looks pretty cool, so here it is:






My drawing from chapter 10 of Geekerella by Ashley Poston.

This is my depiction of the body guard named Lonny that Darien’s dad hired for him.  I drew this really late at night, and really wanted to get it done that day, so honestly, I don’t think this drawing is the greatest.  His face seems a little plain, almost like One Punch Man’s face when he’s not fighting, but not quite as bad.



I actually think Lonny’s race is supposed to be black, but it never specified in the book (not that is has to, because if it doesn’t specify, then you can just decide yourself what race you think a character would be, not that skin color defines a person), and then later I noticed that his character is on the back of the book, and I’m pretty sure he’s black:

Lonny is the guy in the black t-shirt in this picture.


Anyway, about the tattoo…the book says it’s a tribal tattoo, and I think I did an okay job of it, but because of the placement, etc, I think from a distance the tattoo looks like hair, which kind of looks weird in my drawing.


It’s gonna be interesting to see what else happens with Lonny in this book!