Did you know Zazzle was the very first online art shop I ever opened? A few years ago, I opened a Zazzle shop just for fun and created a few bumper stickers, but I didn’t use the name PixelMist.  Since I started PixelMist, I opened a RedBubble shop, a Society6 shop, and now a Zazzle shop.  Each of the shops have their own unique products, so you get a broader product range this way.

Below are some wood phone cases with my “Old School” camaro hand-lettering image on them.


I love the design of this case simply because it’s wood, it’s simple, and I also love the clear border around it.  There are three different shades of wood to choose from, and you can get it with a black border as well, if you use the customize option when you’re selecting your type of phone, etc.

This is the original “old school camaro” image I created.  You can get this image printed on several items on my RedBubble, Society6, and Zazzle shops.  Zazzle’s uploading and product customization process takes a little longer for the designers than the other two websites I use, so I don’t have all the products available with the “old school” image yet. Keep checking back at the shop for more products. 


This hand lettering-piece was inspired by a character named Gansey, from the novel The Raven Boys, who is very wealthy but owns an old run-down, orange Camaro, because he loves retro/vintage things.

I love creating art that has been inspired by books I read.  Reading is a great way to get ideas for artwork, and come up with random things you wouldn’t normally think of out of the blue.  If you want to follow me on GoodReads, to see what I’m currently reading, what I’ve read, and what I would like to read, click here.

That’s it for now, have a happy Wednesday!



Today I uploaded my very first social media icon pack to Etsy!



I think it’s fun to use real life textures in icons, so for this pack, I used concrete.  The icons have a black border, some black accents, and each icon has a glowy lime green light in it.  It was a lot of fun deciding where the glow would be located on each icon.  My favorite icon in this pack is Instagram, because it has a transparent hole in it, and the glow is right where the flash would be on the camera.


These icons are great for websites with an industrial, modern, or edgy look. I also think these icons would be perfect for a sci-fi / futuristic website, or for an eerie or spooky feel.


Currently, I am using these icons on my sidebar for my own social media links.  I’m looking forward to making more icons in the future, so check back for more of those!  As of right now, I am only selling the icons on Etsy, because it’s the only shop I have where I can sell digital files.


Let me know if you have any other ideas for social media icons!



Several months ago, after reading a scene in a book where a character is in their kitchen, making pear tarts and almond pastries, I made this watercolor painting of a bunch of ingredients for a pear tart:

I was thinking it would be fun to make a series of ingredient-themed, smiley face watercolor paintings, and possibly turn them into a monthly calendar. I’ll post the illustrations as I make them.


Below is a smiley face “Picard’s Cup”, based off one of the cups that Captain Picard drinks earl grey tea from in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I created this piece because I was thinking it would be fun to take inanimate objects from movies, shows, or books, and make them into cute little characters with faces.  I will probably add to this collection slowly.  I will also have copies without the smiley faces, for most of these art pieces.


The most recent smiley face image I’ve created, is a burger and fries:

I think this is the first painting I made with my new acrylic paints I got a few weeks ago.  At this point, I hadn’t done any research about acrylic paints, so honestly, I don’t think my technique is great, but it’s still kind of cute.  


Sorry I haven’t posted in about a week, but I had a “game night” party at my house on Friday, which meant a lot of spring cleaning, fixing up, and party planning, so I didn’t have time to do very much as far as art goes.  I hope to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on.  

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See you next time!