I made a second comic for chapter 01 of Geekerella, because I thought it would be fun to draw what the three sisters have for breakfast the first morning of the book.  Danielle (Cinderella) is forced to make kale smoothies for her annoying stepsisters, and after they leave she gets out her jar of peanut butter that she’s been hiding, and has some peanut butter for breakfast.  It’s funny, because sometimes I like to have a big spoon of peanut butter and a coffee for breakfast, and eat that while I’m working on my computer.


That’s it for now!  It’s really late, and I have to get up early tomorrow, so this blog post has to be super short!  Until next time!



I have some ideas for a couple potential comics or graphic novels I’d like to make, so I was thinking I need more practice in comic-style art.  In order to do this, I decided to make illustrations of a book I’m reading.  I’ll basically be making one little comic for every one or two chapters.  I’ll decide this based on the content of each chapter.  The book I’m currently reading is Geekerella by Ashley Poston.



Geekerella is a modern take on the fairy tale Cinderella.  It’s about a geeky blogger, Danielle, who blogs about a classic show called Starfield.  I think it’s basically the equivalent of Star Trek, with maybe a mix of Star Wars.  Anyway, Danielle finds out who got the lead role for the upcoming reboot of Starfield, and she is NOT happy, so she blogs about it.  Darien, the actor that got the role, is secretly a big geek too, and he discovers Danielle’s blog shortly after he is announced as the lead role.  What will happen?  How will they meet?  SO EXCITING!

Here is my first comic for Geekerella:



In this scene, Danielle brought some leftover steak bites to the next door neighbor’s dog, in order to keep the dog quiet, because her evil stepmother was getting annoyed by the barking and ordered her to do something about it.

I may do more than one comic per chapter, if I get inspired by more than one scene.  For chapter one, I’m pretty sure there will be two comics.  I’ll try to upload two new comics each week, so keep checking back!


Happy Tuesday, everyone!




I’m a big fan of cooking competitions, especially MasterChef.  My favorite episodes are where they cook in the kitchen, and my favorite challenges are the “mystery boxes”.  I was inspired to do a drawing of the finalists from season 7, back in September 2016.  This is the drawing I made before the finale:


The finalists were Shaun O’Neale, Brandi Mudd, and David Williams.  Shaun (on the left) was the winner of the competition.  I was okay with any of them winning, because they were all great.


The cool thing is, I tagged all three of them on Instagram, and they ALL responded to my picture!  Here are their comments, in the red square:



My favorite MasterChef winner ever, is Luca Manfè.  I like that he has a nice personality, and he’s not obnoxious or loud.  I thought he did such a good job in the finale, especially with his tomato-based dessert, which was super creative!

Luca Manfè winner of MasterChef Season 4.


MasterChef Junior season 5  is currently running.  I’ve seen a few episodes, but I need to catch up on them.  My kids love MasterChef Junior, and usually get inspired to cook something after watching an episode.


So, what are you making for dinner tonight?