I decided to start working on another set of three essential oil art pieces, so I asked my daughter to pick an essential oil for me to draw.  She wanted a pink one, so geraniums it is!


This one was a lot of fun to sketch, as well as color, because I love this shade of pink, and the lime green oil contrasts it nicely.  I also added a pink shine on the bottle for good measure.



Geranium essential oil has several uses to improve a person’s appearance, as well as health benefits, but below is a list of ways geranium essential oil can help improve your overall attractiveness:


  • Tightens skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Speeds up healing process of wounds.
  • Helps surgical and acne scars to fade.
  • Makes an excellent deodorant.
  • Can have a positive impact on acne and eczema.


Click here for a more comprehensive look at the benefits of geranium essential oil.


Check back for my next essential oil drawing coming soon!  I also have a couple more exciting series I’d like to introduce in the near future as well.  Until next time!



I have recently become aware of some rather startling revelations regarding a character from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971).  The character I am referring to is Grandpa Joe.  We all think he was a fun, happy-go-lucky Grandpa and buddy of Charlie, but if you watch closely, you will discover that he was actually a very selfish, lazy, manipulative and potentially criminal person.  In fact, some people even believe that he is the main villain of the story.


The YouTube channel, Mighty Mayhem, made an excellent video specifically about this topic:


Below is a typography project I created after being inspired by the Grandpa Joe conspiracy theories.  I actually posted it to my RedBubble shop, where you can find some pretty unique items, such as a chocolate bar dress!


Here is another great video by Matt Walden, who actually made his video four years go, so he was really ahead of the game as far as Grandpa Joe conspiracies go.

After watching the video, what do you think?  Is Grandpa Joe evil or just lazy?


Today I entered a bi-weekly art competition hosted by TheWeeklyArtComp on Instagram. The theme changes every two weeks, and this time the theme is “Patriotism”. I’ve been following this account for a few months, and finally decided to submit something for one of the competitions.



The submission with the most “likes” by next Sunday wins the competition. Second and third place are also recognized.

If you are interested in giving me a like, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is the link:

I’ll let you know the results next week!