A few blog posts ago, I mentioned that I entered an art competition with the theme being “patriotism”. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up winning, but here are the top three entries that won:

From left to right, here are links to the artists’ instagram accounts:

1) Karen Libecap  2) livvylux_artwork  3) Amrit S. Sandhu

My patriotic drawing / watercolor painting.


Check out The Weekly Art Competition to see more great art, and take part in voting on the competitions.  I’ll let you know when I enter another competition!


Have a great day, everyone!



White fir trees are commonly used as Christmas trees, as well as building materials.  The main uses for white fir essential oil are aromatic, as it has an energizing and empowering effect on the emotions. However, it is also used to promote clear breathing, and comfort sore muscles and joints.


My white fir essential oil digital drawing.

If you would like to indulge yourself in a fir-themed movie while breathing in white fir mist from your oil diffuser, check out “Fir Crazy” by Hallmark.   Below is a trailer to the movie:


Click here for a comprehensive look at the benefits of white fir essential oil.

Do you have a suggestion for my next essential oil drawing?  If so, please leave it in the comments below!


Did you know that frankincense is actually dried sap? It is a sap that is harvested from Boswellia sacra trees found in places such as Oman, Yemen, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Because it is so rare, and is highly valued for it’s aromatic and medicinal qualities, it is one of the most expensive essential oils.


This is my fifth essential oil drawing.  I plan on drawing around 30 essential oils in total.



Frankincense was one of the gifts that the wisemen brought to baby Jesus in the manger.

Some people believe that frankincense increases your intuition and spiritual connection.

A chemical compound found in frankincense is potentially a natural cancer treatment.



  • Helps prevent aging.
  • Is a disinfectant.
  • Eases anxiety.
  • Helps with digestion.
  • Improves memory.

Click here for a more comprehensive description of the benefits of frankincense.


Check back for another essential oil, coming soon!