Finished my second episode of Who’s a Good Dog!    The topic of this one is how dogs can sometimes forget that they’re on long leashes, and get a big surprise when they chase something and run out of leash.  This actually happened to my poor dog one time. He was running full speed after a squirrel or something, and when he got to the end of the leash, it kind of flipped him so that he was instantly facing the opposite direction he was running in.  Luckily he was totally fine afterwards.  I don’t understand how dogs can have such short term memory, but I think they lose all common sense when they see a squirrel. 🙂




I decided to start a comic strip about my dog, Gimli.  Here’s a picture of him:



Gimli looks pretty tough on the outside, but he’s really just a big baby.  A picky, spoiled, first world baby, who literally walks away from his food bowl when I’m pouring kibble into it.  This is what inspired the first episode of my dog series.


The name of the series is “Who’s A Good Dog?”, and the first episode is called “Kibble Boycott”.



I’ll also be posting the comic strips on my Instagram at if you want to follow me there, and easily check on updates.


Until next time!


My family and I went to see the Total Solar Eclipse on the path of totality this last Monday.  It was truly amazing and an unforgettable experience.  I highly recommend that you make plans to see the 2024 Solar Eclipse in North America .


On the drive to Princeton, Kentucky (where we watched the eclipse), I made a sketch of my dog, (who went with us on the trip), looking at the eclipse with his solar glasses.

I edited a short video of only the total eclipse part, where the moon completely covers the sun, and then moves away from it.  This is on my personal YouTube channel, Susanna Holdren:


I’ve taken a break for the last week or more, because it’s the end of the summer, but I hope to be getting back in the zone and starting a new series, as well as a few bigger projects.


Until next time!