This is technically Thursday’s blog, but I was busy making icons and handling life, so I missed it.  On Thursdays, I want to show you tutorials / tips / resources that can help you with your art career.



So, today,  will be giving you a really easy tip!  The store Hobby Lobby has a 40% coupon they provide each week.  You can only use it for one item per shopping trip.  It only works on regular-priced items, which is fine, because so many things are on sale all the time anyway.


Here’s a link to their weekly ad, and you can print the 40% off coupon, or just show it to the cashier at the register.


Happy Shopping!


Years ago, I discovered a YouTuber named Marc Brunet, who is the founder of BrushBoost (formerly known as CubeBrush).  He used to work as an artist for Blizzard, but left after his own company was growing.  He said he barely made it financially, but everything turned out fine.  I’m glad he’s doing his own thing, because it’s nice to be your own boss.



Marc Brunet has a sci-fi style, which was probably helped him a lot when he was working for Blizzard.


BrushBoost has a lot of great art tutorials (which I need to make more use of).  Here is a link to a YouTube playlist with 18 tutorials:


Here’s one of his earlier videos that I thought was helpful in drawing faces.  There is also a male version of this.


Here is a link to the BrushBoost website for more information on their Art School!

I plan on making Thursday the day of the week that I post something useful, such as tutorials or art tips, so don’t forget to check back next week!


Happy National Talk In An Elevator Day! Today I’m going to be combining a social media tip with this special day of the year.  Before I do that, I would like to tell you a little bit about National Talk In An Elevator Day.  It is meant to encourage people to ignore their phones and use the elevator as an opportunity to meet new people.

The artist tip I’ll be talking about today is a website called Canva. This site is an awesome place to design images for any social media, blog, or presentation. There are tons of preset images that you can customize to your individual needs, or you can use their images and fonts to create something completely unique.

First of all, here are a couple preset presentation images I customized to advertise for National Talk In An Elevator Day:

The above statistics are based on a small group of people I literally interviewed.  🙂


Canva also has some more modern-looking social media posts for Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Here is an example:

And lastly, here are a few ideas for things to talk to people about in the elevator:

  • ask if they’ve heard about National Talk In An Elevator Day.
  • ask if they know about a certain movie you’ve seen recently, or want to see.
  • ask if they’ve tried the latest Starbucks drink.
  • compliment an article of clothing or accessory they have on.


Things not to talk about in the elevator:

  • personal experiences of being stuck in an elevator
  • politics


Make sure you check out Canva at .

Have a great day, everyone!