Hello peoples of the internet.  Sorry I haven’t written in SO LONG!  I am trying to get my life organized so I have more time to do art. I actually started a drawing for Inktober, which is going on right now, but I haven’t finished it.  I’ll post it as soon as I can.  For more frequent updates, check my Instagram at www.instagram.com/pixelmist.


Hoping to post again very soon,




So, for Canada Day this year, I wanted to do a sketch.  I couldn’t really think of anything really Canadian, but I remembered this cool outerwear clothing company I found on Instagram, called Canada Goose.  So, I found a picture on their Instagram account and used it as a reference photo.  Here is the pencil / marker sketch I made:


In other art-related news, I just bought a book called “Drawing the Head and Figure” by Jack Hamm.  Someone recommended it on a YouTube video I was watching, and it has really good reviews.  I’m going to start drawing through it, so a lot of the sketches you see for a while will be things I’m learning from the book, but I’ll try to turn them into something interesting.


Until next time!


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of portrait sketches, using reference photos.  Here is a pencil / ink sketch I made, using a reference photo from www.instagram.com/landosroom .



More sketches coming soon!  By the way, tomorrow is July 4th, so Happy Independence Day!